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And if you save yourself You will make him happy He’ll keep you in a jar And you’ll think you’re happy He’ll give you breathing holes And you’ll think you’re happy He’ll cover... READ MORE

Love Song

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I’m loved but unloved We’re close yet separated He said I love you I said too I felt lonely but if only Thousands words unsaid Breaking a sweat to let Pouting mouth feel... READ MORE

My Action Hero

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My Action Hero Several years ago every time you have business trip for months and not calling even once, I thought you’re forgetting your family or god-forbid having someone else to go home... READ MORE

Doa Terbaik

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Dahsyatnya Doa Terbaik Dahsyatnya Doa “Duduk Diantara Dua Sujud” Ketika orang ditanya, “Do’a apakah yang paling sering dibaca oleh seorang muslim?” Banyak yang menjawabnya dengan salah. Begitu seringnya do’a itu dibaca, sehingga ketika... READ MORE