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My Recommended Services for Internet Freedom

Me and most of my generation are people who aspired to soar and reach the unlimited. So when some of the stupid got this idea of restricting the uber cool website Vimeo, we tend to just watch it whip and nae-nae ;-P

So, after signing up the petition to wake the moron from their own oblivion, we share what was to be share out and about in the first place. Here are services I personally use and would like to recommend these to you just for the sheer of internet freedom. I gain nothing from sharing these with you, other than my own pleasure of sharing.

Payment Service


You already have Paypal account right? Coz if you haven’t. Where have you been? Zulu?


VPN Service

IP Vanish

IP vanish is a paid VPN service. You know that you should always use a paid VPN service right? Good.

Their service is very reliable and available on multi devices. With as low as ten bucks a month or even better a yearly subscription you can connect to New York and just forget about it while you are streaming on HBO, Netflix or listening music on Spotify. This is your internet basic needs.


Gift Card and Voucher



Kalau dollar lagi mihil banget dan PayPal gak ada saldonya, di Ibanezblack lah saya membeli segala macam keperluan gift card.


Jerry Cards's Profile PhotoJerry Cards

Jerry sells legitimate cards with easy PayPal payment and instant delivery. You have to add his several legitimate social account first.



And if you save yourself
You will make him happy
He’ll keep you in a jar
And you’ll think you’re happy
He’ll give you breathing holes
And you’ll think you’re happy
He’ll cover you with grass
And you’ll think you’re happy now

You’re really in a laundry room
You’re really in a laundry room
The clue just came to you, oh

And if you cut yourself
You will think you’re happy
He’ll keep you in a jar
Then you’ll make him happy
He’ll give you breathing holes
Then you’ll think you’re happy
He’ll cover you with grass
Then you’ll think you’re happy now

You’re really in a laundry room
You’re really in a laundry room
The clue that came to you, oh

You’re really in a laundry room
You’re really in a laundry room
The clue that came to you, oh

And if you fool yourself
You will make him happy
He’ll keep you in a jar
Then you’ll think you’re happy
He’ll give you breathing holes
Then you will seem happy
You’ll wallow in his shit
Then you’ll think you’re happy now

You’re really in a laundry room
You’re really in a laundry room
You’re really in a laundry room
The clue that came to you, oh


Love Song

I’m loved but unloved
We’re close yet separated
He said I love you I said too
I felt lonely but if only

Thousands words unsaid
Breaking a sweat to let
Pouting mouth feel like fled
Smiling when you’re dead

I could sing you lullaby or swing you goodbye
I know we’re getting by when you’re on standby
Reaching high for the blue sky
Laying down for a doomsday

I’m always in love with you
I always have been


My Action Hero

My Action Hero

Several years ago every time you have business trip for months and not calling even once, I thought you’re forgetting your family or god-forbid having someone else to go home to.

Now I learned that multitasking (or multi-focusing in this case,) just not your cup of tea. I am the one who have to call or FaceTime you (more to remind myself than you) that you do this for us, for our family future.
Several years ago I got angry when you say you’ll be home on Sunday and then you weren’t.

Today I know when you say you’ll be home on Sunday it means you’ll be on our door on Monday afternoon.
Several years ago, no matter how many business trips you made, it upsets me when it seems like no money could be seen.
Now I’ve learn the unique way you prioritize and spend. Work hard to have my own money and then some to contribute to our family. Saw our saving account grows, all along while learning how to live simple and humble.

Several years ago I thought you are just cold heartless man.

But today I know you’re just not man of words.

You’re a man of action.

You’re my Action Hero.


Dahsyatnya Manfaat Membaca Al-Qur’an setelah Subuh dan Maghrib

Dahsyatnya Manfaat
Membaca Al-Qur’an setelah
Subuh dan Maghrib

Menurut hasil penelitian ternyata membaca Al-Qur’an sehabis Maghrib dan sesudah Subuh itu dapat meningkatkan kecerdasan otak sampai 80 % , karena di sana ada pergantian dari siang ke malam dan dari malam ke siang hari , disamping itu ada tiga aktifitas sekaligus , yaitu membaca , melihat dan

Terdapat beberapa hal yang dapat menyebabkan seseorang kuat ingatan atau hafalannya. Read more “Dahsyatnya Manfaat Membaca Al-Qur’an setelah Subuh dan Maghrib”


Doa Terbaik

Dahsyatnya Doa Terbaik

Dahsyatnya Doa “Duduk Diantara Dua Sujud”

Ketika orang ditanya, “Do’a apakah yang paling sering dibaca oleh seorang muslim?”
Banyak yang menjawabnya dengan salah.

Begitu seringnya do’a itu dibaca, sehingga ketika sedang membaca do’a banyak yang tidak merasa berdo’a. Padahal do’a itu sangat dahsyat, mencakup kebutuhan kita di dunia dan akhirat. Dan dibaca minimal 17 kali setiap hari.

Marilah kita renungi maknanya :

Wahai Tuhan ampunilah dosaku. Dosa adalah beban, yang menyebabkan kita berat melangkah menuju ke ridho Allah. Dosa adalah kotoran hati yang membuat hati kelam sehingga hati kita merasa berat untuk melakukan kebaikan.

Sayangilah diriku. Kalau kita disayang Alllah, hidup akan terasa nyaman, karena dengan kasih sayang akan dapat dicapai semua cita2. Dengan kasih sayang Allah nafsu kita akan terbimbing.

Tutuplah segala kekuranganku. Banyak sekali kekurangan kita, kurang syukur, kurang sabar, kurang bisa menerima kenyataan, mudah marah, pendendam dll. Kalau kekurangan kita ditutup/diperbaiki Allah, maka kita akan menjadi manusia sebenarnya.

Tinggikanlah derajatku. Kalau Allah sudah meninggikan derajat kita, maka pasti tidak ada manusia yang bisa menghinakan kita.

Berikanlah aku rizki, sebagai hamba Allah kita membutuhkan rizki. Allah mampu mendatangkan rizki dari arah yang tak terduga dan tanpa perhitungan.

Berikanlah aku petunjuk/bimbinglah aku ke jalan kebahagiaan. Kita tidak hanya minta petunjuk/hidayah yang berkaitan dengan agama. Tetapi kita juga minta petunjuk agar terhindar dari mengambil keputusan yang salah.

Berikanlah aku kesehatan. Apabila kita sehat kita bisa menambah kebaikan dan manfaat serta tidak menjadi beban oranga lain. “Health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing.”

Aku mohon agar kesalahanku dihapus dari catatan. Kita awali do’a ini dengan mohon ampun dan kita akhiri dengan permohonan agar catatan dosa kita dihapus. Sehingga kita benar-benar bersih dari dosa seperti bayi yang baru lahir.

Allah memerintahkan kita untuk membaca do’a itu. Rasulullah mencontohkan kepada kita. Menurut logika do’a tersebut pasti terkabul, kecuali dari hati yg lalai dari apa yg disebutkan lisannya.


I Think I Just Found My Dream Job/Company!

While surfing around

I think I just found my dream job slash my dream company. Read this:

We always try to make sure you enjoy what you’re doing.


We employ flexible agile and lean techniques to all projects, while keeping track of the technologies you love working with, and the ones you don’t like so much.


Everyone is focused on a single project, so your focus is not spread thin among many projects, and you keep your goals and personal objectives aligned.


You’re welcome to use some of your time in new internal products and/or open-source.

See what I mean?

Read for your self here




Garden By The Bay, Singapore

I went at the afternoon around 4-5pm. The gardens is free but you have to buy ticket to the OCBC Skywalk for SGD 5 for adult and SGD 3 for kid. There is an elevator and we go up the big trees and walk on the bridge that connecting the Supertree Grove. Amazing view from above. Took panorama pictures for souvenir.
We also visit the themed garden around. Great garden but not much shades. There is a jogging track along the river.
Next time we will visit this garden at night to see the light show.


Singapore Flyer

I bought a ticket from a local travel agent cost SGD 25. It says that I have to enter the attraction before 6PM. Too bad I had a prolonged schedule due to immigration and some problem during hotel check-in and arrived 45 minutes late at the ticket counter. I can come in with additional SGD 5. Still a bargain from a published ticket rate of SGD 33. Stroller must be parked and not allowed on board, but the safe system is free.
Before we get to the flyer we enjoy the museum named Journeys of Dreams that have several interactive display with full story of Singapore Flyer. My 4 year old son really interested with the interactive display and media and some interesting art installation.
Then we have a short queue before finally aboard one of the capsule. The capsule still moves very gently when we step in. And it slowly climb to the heights.
The view at the dawn is beautiful. There is a festival at that time (We visited one week after the lunar new year) And the lights and colors from below made a beautiful pictures.
On one time before we completed a round, the capsule completely stop. I can see that they delivering dinner to the dining capsule, next to our.