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My Action Hero

My Action Hero

Several years ago every time you have business trip for months and not calling even once, I thought you’re forgetting your family or god-forbid having someone else to go home to.

Now I learned that multitasking (or multi-focusing in this case,) just not your cup of tea. I am the one who have to call or FaceTime you (more to remind myself than you) that you do this for us, for our family future.
Several years ago I got angry when you say you’ll be home on Sunday and then you weren’t.

Today I know when you say you’ll be home on Sunday it means you’ll be on our door on Monday afternoon.
Several years ago, no matter how many business trips you made, it upsets me when it seems like no money could be seen.
Now I’ve learn the unique way you prioritize and spend. Work hard to have my own money and then some to contribute to our family. Saw our saving account grows, all along while learning how to live simple and humble.

Several years ago I thought you are just cold heartless man.

But today I know you’re just not man of words.

You’re a man of action.

You’re my Action Hero.