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Startup Tips I Gathered From Around The Internet

  1. Do one thing at a time. Focus your energies to that one product/service. Be realistic with goals in a realistic timeline.
  2. Give big attention to usability and design from the early on.
  3. Do just the most important things at the beginning and be extra careful with your money.
  4. Be prepared for the ground realities. Take one responsibility that you can handle perfectly and do them exceptionally good. Stand up to the pressures.
  5. Seek only the best talent, do not compromise on talent. Be persistence in hiring process and take only the highest quality folks. Firing the non-performers fast is equally important.
  6. Trust your own idea.
  7. Manage the cash coming in or going out. Fine-tuning cash management is as important as fine-tuning your product and team. How much do you need to pay to get a customer, who will pay for the customer and can this model scale? These are three important questions you have to find answers for.
  8. Make something users want.