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I’m a working mom who lives in Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia. Currently, work @Styletheory as a Product Design Lead.

My only son is my number one boss. And I’m a slave to my ten-year-old domestic cat, MooMoo; And my recent foster cat Mr. Coconut Pukis.

My husband is a cinematographer. You can check his works on IMDB.


I can help you make an online presence for your portfolio or business. Create a mobile application and website or help you with your UX projects. I also would love to build an app for pet owners and animal rescuers.

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I used to love writing and share it with my friends. Getting older, I have less time to do it. But I want to start writing again. Because Your story is what you have, what you will always have, it is something to own.

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My Story

Born in Jakarta in 1979, I was a tomboy girl who loves to ride my bike fast but also can sit reading for hours. I’m the only one of my parent’s four children that will stand tall saying what needs to be said. I used to be a hajj flight attendant for Garuda Indonesia and once works as a marketing staff for a wine store. I teach myself Photoshop and falling love with UI design. And when I found UX design, I found my passion and fulfilling career.