February 5, 2018

The Assignment – a fiction

The Assignment – a fiction

We were all dispersed out of the class straight toward the nearest cafe. The usual place to hang out or discuss next week’s assignment while having our lunch. I can see him among people; many of them are my college friends.

His soft brown hair caught a gleaming sun reflection. Today he is wearing a pale grey t-shirt on top of these busy orange and yellow striped jogger pants. Gucci. How typical, Jared. His black and white checkered vans sneaker strolled the tile lightly as if He walks on water.

Earlier, we passed each other in class. I offered him my notes which He refused politely with his soft-spoken voice.

“Ah, that’s alright. No problem, I have this book.”

Duh, I know you have your book, Jared. Didn’t you know I want to spend my time with you? Maybe doing our next week’s paper assignment together? Clueless? Or just a little clue about how little his interest is to me? I sigh.

The man that constantly distracted me. The only man that distracted me. We’ve been in this class together for six months, and not even once can I start a conversation of more than a couple of sentences with him.

He looks a little small and short among the guys, but even his back still affects me. How I hope He will turn his head and wait for me to ask me to discuss this assignment, which we suppose to submit next week.

I am striking up a conversation with the bartender. But he stopped short at the bar and climbed to sit on one of the stools. I walk past him, hoping to catch his sweet smell, but I smell nothing: only fresh air and my disappointed heart.

The other eight of us walked toward a table. Max, a dark-haired guy with tanned skin, sits in front of me. We’ve been friends since the first year. He looks at me as if looking for an explanation for something.

I look back at Max and smile. You can see my disappointment Max, but you don’t have to know what caused them. I try harder to make my poker face pretending to learn the menu while I steal a look at Jared at the bar once in a while. He’s having a drink. I don’t know what. But why should I know? Max smiled at me. I concentrate on the menu, trying harder to focus and let my mind off Jared.

I make my order. Max is talking to the waitress. Jared still sits on the bar, this time looking down and reading a book. He was still alone and still as gorgeous as he had always been every time I looked at him.

Max caught my eye. Now I think He knew. I pretend to fix my bag; It’s full of books. I remember the assignment when I could see my black moleskin notebook among the books. I look up at Max, who just said something to Cynthia, who sits next to him.

“Do next week’s paper assignment with me? My notes are exceptional!”

Max looked at me with a restrained smile, “Hmm..” He tilts his head toward my right side while raising one of his eyebrows. I look to my right, and my heart almost stops when I see Jared walking toward us.

“Hey..” I said meekly at him. He glides toward me and stops beside our table, resting his right side on the partition.

“Wanna do the assignment at my place?” He said so very casually.

“I thought you have your … books.”

I replied hesitantly, realizing how stupid is my answer! I should say yes, you idiot; I cursed myself.

“Of course I do. don’t be silly.” His voice is soft, and he flicks his right wrist while saying it. Each of his syllables is pronounced perfectly, and he doesn’t blink. But then He looks at me with his piercing blue eyes. Straight to my soul. “I insist.”

I feel like I’m losing my words and nod my head as if a spell has just been cast upon me.


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